[rt-devel] RT2 - longblob Curiosity

Michael Tratz [ml-mails] mlist-mail at Esosoft.net
Fri Jun 29 18:27:28 EDT 2001


I have changed the Content and Headers columns in the Attachments table 
from longblob
to longtext in order to facilitate case-insensitive searches.

Before making this change, I consulted the MySQL manual. It states:

The only difference between BLOB and TEXT types is that sorting and 
comparison is performed in case-sensitive fashion for BLOB values and 
case-insensitive fashion for TEXT values. In other words, a TEXT is a 
case-insensitive BLOB.

The RT developers are extremely clever :-) and I'm sure there was a very 
good reason that the columns were set to longblob.

Anyone know why?

Very curious,

Michael Tratz

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