[rt-devel] Bug when merging Tickets.....

Ulrich Kiermayr uk at ap.univie.ac.at
Wed May 9 11:58:58 EDT 2001


Weh have discovered a bug in the way how rt-1.3.xx treats merged tickets:

If I have two tickets both wich attachments (represented by a download
link), and then I merge them into one, the download URL which contains the
ticket-id points to the ticket# of the resulting ticket after the merge,
whereas the attachment is only reachable with the OLD ticket-id in the

Appearently during a merge either the Attachments DB should be updated as
well to reflect the new ticket IDs, or the URL pointing to the attachments
should take into account the original 'pre-merged' id.

I have not looked into the code yet, so I have no Idea what would be the
best way to do.....

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