[rt-devel] rt "boilerplate" responses

Ayan R. Kayal ayan.kayal at yale.edu
Fri Nov 9 17:29:50 EST 2001

Once again, I'll recommend that you run a local copy of CVS. It's the "diff
script" that you're looking for. It tracks all the changes for you, which
makes it easy to upgrade to new versions. Upgrades became million times
easier, especially as the number of files updated went up.

O-                         ~ARK

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> >> component which does the all important javascript:window.open(), but
> >> I'd love not to have to remember to patch Updates.html every time I
> >> upgrade :)
> >Put your custom version in ~rt/local/WebRT/ instead of ~rt/WebRT
> >Then mason will use that version instead - each time you
> upgrade, diff the
> >old and new versions of the 'original', ie the unhacked file, and you can
> >see if your version needs any updates - mine rarely do.
> This is what I currently do, and it does become a small hassle when
> you start having lots of files that must be upgraded.  Especially lots
> of little changes.
> On my todo list (in my personal RT) is a 'diff script' that
> automatically does the appropriate diffs and presents it in an easy
> form.

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