[rt-devel] Thoughts on 2.2

Michael mike at Megaglobal.net
Wed Oct 10 14:02:44 EDT 2001

>>> m_ilya at agava.com wrote a 1.5KB message. i replied ...........................

> JV> Web Services Framework
> JV> Should	Expose an API to create a ticket by HTTP posting an XML document.
> JV> Should  Provide an RSS feed to display tickets matching certain criteria
> JV> Nice	Allow ticket updates via the web ui
> JV> Nice	Export full ticket metadata and history as XML
> JV> Note: 	I currently favor the REST philosophy that GET and POST to specific,
> JV> 	defined URLs provides everything one needs to build comprehensive
> JV> 	web services without the massive added complexity of a SOAP or XML-RPC
> JV> 	framework.
> Wishlist: on.
> Consider using SOAP instead of just XML documents. Many languages have
> very convinent and transparent support for SOAP (SOAP::Lite rocks in
> Perl). I suspect that it will be much more easier to write clients
> using SOAP interface compating to raw XML inteface.

I'm definately interested in testing/implementing SOAP ticket
creating/modification under RT 2 (with SOAP::Lite).  

(Not yet having much SOAP exp) I don't suppose it would be as simple
as exporting the RT API via HTTP dispatch ?



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