[rt-devel] RE: [rt-users] Can I do this?

Rehan van der Merwe Rehan at nha.co.za
Tue Oct 16 15:28:24 EDT 2001

Please help someone,

I am trying to add this extra cc-field for when I comment and want to
include a once-off cc.  I have added the field in Display.html as e.g..
<input name=>"ExtraCc" ...> .  
Up to here is still 100%.

Where to from here though?  

I have traced back in Display.html.  Near the end of Display.html I see a
call to ProcessUpdateMessage() and ProcessTicketBasics().  I gather
ProcessUpdateMessage() would be where the ticket is updated and the
correspondence sent out.  

I found these subs ProcessUpdateMessage() in ./lib/RT/Web.pm:
Any changes that I make to ProcessUpdateMessage() does not seem to affect
the behavior in any obvious manner.  I tried inserting straight email
addresses for the CcMessageTo and BccMessageTo keys, but I did not under any
circumstance receive any email at the specified email address.
I also added a Cc=>my at email in the MakeMIMEEntity call, but to no avail.  

I get the feeling I am barking up the wrong tree here - can someone please

Rehan van der Merwe

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Hi Richard, Henning,

I am looking at doing the exact same modification.  I am a bit lost on the
Mason stuff, but slowly getting there and will keep you posted.  Please do
the same.

Jesse, or someone,
It would be much appreciated if you could give some pointers as to where,
other than Update.html, I should look.  I realize this is a very broad
question, but I will ask them more specifically as I go along.  Any help


Rehan van der Merwe

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I'm looking at WebRT/html/Ticket/Update.html, which specifies

<FORM ACTION="Display.html" METHOD=POST  enctype="multipart/form-data">

for the form elements that provide the Comments functionality.  If you
added a new INPUT to Update.html, you could modify
WebRT/html/Ticket/Display.html to detect that new form element and send
the email to the user for only that comment.

(a tip: when modifying WebRT/html/Ticket/Update.html, save your
modifications to local/WebRT/html/Ticket/Update.html)

I don't believe that this would require modifying any of the lib/RT/*.pm
files, especially if there's an email function exposed somewhere that
you could harness to make it do this.

Jesse, would this be a feature that would be useful to RT in general?


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> If a comment is added to a ticked the writer wants to send 
> this comment
> to an other person (E-Mail). He want not to add this person to the
> watchers to this ticket, only for this comment. Is there a 
> Posibility to
> add the E-Mail address to a comment?
> If someone opens a comment in a ticket he can change the watchers but
> only for the commplete ticket.
> We use RT 2.0.8.
> Tanks,
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