[rt-devel] hack mason_hendler.fcgi to show images correctly

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker levitte at stacken.kth.se
Thu Oct 18 18:26:50 EDT 2001

From: Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com>

jesse> *nod*  I've actually been in the process of going the other way with this one,
jesse> moving everything that's not actually supposed to be parsed to URLs that
jesse> don't have to be processed by the fastcgi handler.  It gets somewhat
jesse> better performance (since the server can dtrt with caching images)
jesse> and doesn't add the complexity of having to parse mime types files, etc.
jesse> Does that sound like it makes sense?

Yup, except for the following two backdraws:

  - you force users to have two document trees, one for text files and
    one for non-text files.  Some might find that conveniant, some
  - you lose the feature of baing able to replace standard
    installation non-text files with your own by placing it in the
    local mason component root.

Anything I missed?

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