[rt-devel] Scrip action 'NotifyAdminCcs' buggy

M. Olsthoorn olsthrn at science.uva.nl
Fri Oct 19 08:53:27 EDT 2001


I'm using the scrip 'OnCorrespond NotifyAdminCcs with template Correspondence',
but this generates errors. It appears as if the mail header of the mail
sent is corrupted. I do receive the mail, but the 'To:' line is a bit weird:

To: "'AdminCc of request-tracker Ticket #69'": ;"'AdminCc of request-tracker
    Ticket #69'":;"'AdminCc of request-tracker Ticket #69'":;;

When I look in the mail logs I can find the line:

Oct 19 14:41:12 rt sendmail[30353]: OAA30351: OAA30353: DSN: 'AdminCc of request-tracker Ticket #69':;... List:; syntax illegal for recipient addresses.

The rest appears to be fine. RT is a great product!
I'm using RT 2.0.7 with sendmail 8.9.3.

Marius Olsthoorn

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