[rt-devel] FastCGI Install Info for RT 2.0.X series

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sun Oct 21 11:06:48 EDT 2001


As it turns out, the delays I was experiencing with fast_cgi were due to 
the missing "AddHandler"  and "FastCgiServer" options.  I guess 
something can be said for RTFM afterall. :)

With those in place, I am seeing rendering of < 1sec per page.

FastCGI definitely has a lot over mod_perl. :)

Just an FYI, you can put the AddHandler and FastCgiServer options 
_within_ the VirtualHosts directive, but keep in mind that it would 
restrict the FastCGI operation to only that VirtualHost..


Sanity wrote:

>Recently I switch from mod_perl to Mod_FastCGI for apache. For all of you
>interested here is the config I used to get it all working.
>The next two lines should go in your config anywhere after the
>standard mod_fcgi load statements (if you load via a DSO) but before your
>virtual host settings.
>AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
>FastCgiServer /usr/local/rt/bin/mason_handler.fcgi
>Here is the only line you need to add to your virtual host config
>ScriptAlias /rt2/ /usr/local/rt/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/
>In the above example I am accessing RT via https://blah.com/rt2/ if you
>want to use https://blah.com instead then your ScriptAlias line should
>look like the one below..
>ScriptAlias / /usr/local/rt/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/
>Make sure to change any of the path statements to match where you installed
>If you do not use the AddHandler and the FastCgiServer commands then
>apache will not keep the mason_handler.fcgi program running between
>requests. If the handler is not running between requests RT2 will run very
>very slowly.
>The config above worked very nicely for my install on Solaris 8 with
>Apache 1.3.19/mod_perl/mod_php4/mod_ssl/+extra modules, YMMV.
>FastCGI seems just as fast if not slightly faster than when we were using
>mod_perl. The only problem I have seen so far with FastCGI is that the RT
>logo does not show up however there have been a few posts to the rt-devel
>list recently which should fix that, search the archives if you did not
>see the posts.

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