[rt-devel] Creating with attributes / Stalling with a reason

Dewet Diener dewet at itouchlabs.com
Tue Oct 23 05:28:55 EDT 2001

Hi all

Two things on which I'd like others' ideas, if any:

1) We need to force users to enter specific attributes on creating any
ticket.  What we've done is modify the SelfService to preload keywords
for any queue (we replaced the "New Request" link with the "Create
ticket in" + dropdown + select combo).  Then, in the back-end logic, we
simply check whether those keywords have been selected, and keep on
displaying an error message until the user has selected those 
attributes.  Has anyone else needed/implimented the same functionality 

2) We need to impliment a way to record a reason for stalling a ticket 
in an automatic fashion, so that we can produce nice stats for the
pointy-haired types :).  What I've been thinking is using Keywords for
this, so that we can have a pre-defined list of reasons why a ticket
can be stalled.  Then, in the Ticket/Elements/EditBasics, I added a 
SelectKeyword drop-down right next to the SelectStatus drop-down, which
is populated from a hard-wired Root in Keywords.  Then, the back-end
will determine if a ticket was changed from anything to stalled, and
add that keywords, as well as conversely checking whether the status
has been changed from stalled, and removing that ticket.  Again, anyone
else needed/did this before?  Obviously, mail handling will also need
to be changed to do the same thing...


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