[rt-devel] An oversite in Interface/Email.pm

Jason Edgecombe jedgecombe at carolina.rr.com
Fri Apr 5 11:39:16 EST 2002


   I found an problem in Interface/Email.pm when I was modifying 
enhanced mailgate. I have attached a diff of the modifications.

In the function MailError, it assumes MIMIEOBJ is defined. I added a 
simple "if" test to only run $MIMEOBJ->sync_headers if $MIMEOBJ is defined.

Jason Edgecombe
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<     $mimeobj->sync_headers();
<     $entity->add_part($mimeobj);
>     if ($mimeobj) {
>       $mimeobj->sync_headers();
>       $entity->add_part($mimeobj);
>     }

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