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Matt Disney matthew.disney at fedex.com
Tue Apr 16 15:55:40 EDT 2002

Ok, so doing a Count is basically just another select. I didn't realize
that. That would explain why I couldn't figure out what was going on,
because I was thinking about it all wrong.

Thanks for the responses on that.

It sounds like I'm going to have to use Count one way or the other,
though, if I want to see the total number of tickets. At least that's
the easiest way, if not the most performance-sensitive. In your
opinions, how would one go about accumulating the Count for different
Limits? Sorry if that's dense of me. Would it be better of me to
actually extend Tickets or Tickets::Count instead of trying to do it in

I'm weighing my options, and none of them seem exactly what I'd like
to do... but this total number of tickets stuff is pretty important
to us.

Let me know if you think of anything or have opinions on the matter.

Thanks again,

Jesse Vincent writes:
>If the ->Count is done _after_ the ->_DoSearch method is called by internal 
>code, however (say by pulling out the first row), it will report
>exactly how many rows are in the current result set.  The reason
>for the disparity is that doing a whole bunch of selects just to get counts
>turns the rest of the system into molasses :/  
>I'm currently investigating some changes in the architecture for 2.2 that will
>significantly improve the performance of all this stuff and get ->Count to be
>more accurate as a happy side-benefit.
>	-j
>On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 08:41:55PM +0200, Bruce Campbell wrote:
>> On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Matt Disney wrote:
>> > I've tried to add a line to the header of
>> > $RTPath/WebRT/html/Search/Listing.html so that it displays the number
>> > of tickets resulting from the query:
>> >
>> > <& /Elements/Header, Title => "Search Results: ".$session{'tickets'}->Coun
>t()." Tickets", Refresh => $session{'tickets_refresh_interval'} &>
>>  ->Count essentially changes the SQL query from:
>> 	select field.field.field from (etc)
>> to
>> 	select count(id) from (etc)
>> If a Limit statement is applied (which is how the 50 per page stuff does),
>> count is faithfully reporting how many rows would be returned ;)
>> > I'm not entirely sure this is a bug exactly, I'm just wanting to know
>> > if anyone has suggestions on how I might go about accumulating the
>> > total number of tickets for a search.
>> Depending on your installation, I'd be rather careful (repeating rather
>> broad searches just to get a count on each new page is ugly), however
>> storing the total results in the %session, and checking that you haven't
>> already gotten a total result for the current search would be nifty.
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