[rt-devel] new column in Tickets

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Wed Apr 24 08:25:48 EDT 2002

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Colleen wrote:

> I've created a new column in Tickets, named Client_id. Can someone
> please let me know where/what files I need to edit to make this work?

By 'work', you mean 'How can I refer to it in my code?', yes?

As RT depends on DBIx::SearchBuilder, you get to use magic in the
_ClassAccessible method of RT::Ticket, such as:

	Client_id => { 'read' => 1, 'write' => 1 },

After adding the above, a given RT::Ticket object then inherits two extra
methods from SearchBuilder, being ->Client_id() and ->SetClient_id() for
listing and setting the Client_id field on a given ticket.

You can then also use Client_id in RT::Tickets->Limit() when searching.

> For example, in the rt/WebRT/html/Ticket/Create.html file, I've begun
> adding the blank form fields for this, but where does the sql INSERT
> happen?

You'll need to ensure that RT::Ticket->Create 'knows' about Client_id

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