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Christian Gilmore cgilmore at tivoli.com
Wed Apr 24 14:58:34 EDT 2002


I've done the exact thing you're looking for. It does have one semi-hack,
though, which is to create a real group of users whose e-mail addresses are
their page-by-email addresses. I then wrote a new ScripAction, that is
available in RT2's contrib, called NotifyRealGroups. Follow the instructions
provided within the contrib, and you should be set to go!

If you don't like the hack of creating a new group, writing a new ScipAction
to handle sending mail to the Pager field instead of the E-mail field should
be a fairly simple operation.


Christian Gilmore
Technology Leader
GeT WW Global Applications Development
IBM Software Group

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Has anybody created a page action for RT2.  I would like to basically like
to have an Action that will page all admin CCs upon a certain condition.

What I would like is a modified NotifyOwner action which sends an e-mail to
the pager address field in the user table instead of the email address

Jason Yarrington
jason.yarrington at praecis.com

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