[rt-devel] RE: user phone field in Ticket display page

Colleen colleen at darksideproductions.net
Mon Apr 29 23:15:22 EDT 2002

I'm really new at RT and mod_perl, is it even possible to combine the
users information and the ticket's information in the same
Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople module?

Any response is greatly appreciated.


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> From: Colleen
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> Subject: user phone field in Ticket display page
> Hi,
> I've hunted through the docs and through ht://dig archives, but I
> found anything on the following:
> I want to show the Owner's phone number  (or extension) in the People
> on (Display.html).
> For example, 'Colleen' is the owner of said ticket, but someone may
> to call me to give me additional information.  Since there's my home
> work number in the user pages (/Admin/Users/Modify.html), it should be
> pretty straightforward to reference this information on the Display
> People box.
> Has anyone done this?  Any tips?
> Thanks in advance!
> Colleen

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