[rt-devel] problems with security on rt?

Ted Serreyn ted at serreyn.com
Thu Aug 15 23:11:42 EDT 2002

Ok, I am a longtime gnats users switching over to RT due to the lack of
inter-customer security on gnats.

I am trying to set things up so that one customer being supported in RT
knows nothing about the other customers being supported including
customer information.

Howver I seem to have an issue with version 2.0.14.  My customer can
find out about each other even though they can not see the queues.

How, log in as user on web interface, click cofiguration, click users,
click any privilege user.

Alternately is there a way just to put users in groups and not have them
be able to access configuration?

Other issue that I am still working out, is how to get email to go to a
particular queue, all email tickets seem to end up in the (now renamed)
general queue.

Ted Serryen
Serreyn Network Services

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