[rt-devel] DBIx::Searchbuilder woes

Robie Basak robie at principle.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 06:01:09 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 19:37, Matt Knopp wrote:
> Oh come now, DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record has some decent documentation.  It 
> even includes schmancy examples.  


So it does :)

Actually, the docs for ::Record seem great. Unfortunately, I haven't had
the need to use it yet :)

I'm busy just trying to use DBIx::SearchBuilder->Limit to get search
results, and unfortunately the docs for /those/ aren't really

But thanks for writing the ::Record docs, when I need to do something to
do with SQL and Perl and searches, I /will/ be using DBIx::SearchBuilder
in general :)


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