[rt-devel] The road to 3.0

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Aug 27 01:56:15 EDT 2002

Hi Folks,

	We've begun the push to get RT 3.0 out the door this fall. (RT
2.1 is the development series for 3.0) This release doesn't exactly match 
the roadmap I'd had for the next major release. It doesn't have a few
features I'd hoped to shoehorn in, however, it's head and shoulders
better than I could have possibly imagined.  Thanks to Autrijus Tang
and his team at OurInternet, RT 3.0's interface is fully
internationalized and now speaks seven languages, with more on the way.
The access control, groups and watchers systems got completely
overhauled. The web UI has been spiffed up We've got an excellent
new remote CLI that's being developed. An oracle port is on its way. 
And there are a bunch of other amazing new things I'm forgetting at the

	Below, you can find my internal plan for what it's going to 
take to get to 3.0. Note that the day markers are in estimated ideal
days and that this isn't the only project in progress right now. (So
don't just total up those days to figure out a release date ;)


 Installation/Packaging 4 days 
                2d/Gut the install procedure 
                1d/Debian packaging
                1d/RPM packaging

 Upgrade 2 days


 Setup 4 days
        Configuration wizard
                2d/Wizard core
                2d/Wizard types for various use cases
                        Customer Service
                        Network Operations
                        Lead tracking

 Core 2 days + unknown

                0.5d/Yank/deprecate/hide the approvals stuff

                1d/Merge 2.0.x changes

                ??/Bug fixes

                ??/Marshal the current Translations
                ??/Obtain new translations

 Database 3 days
        1d/Integrate Oracle Port
        2d/Postgres 7.2 port

 Mail sending 1.5 days
        .5d Header fixes / Preserve x-loop lines on autoreply
        .5d /  Notify with attachment
        .5d / Preserve charset in attachments?
              (Send original content as an attachment, if it's not text-plain?)

 Mail gateway  3 days

        0.5d/Spamassassin hooks
        0.5d/Custom processing hooks
        2d/ charset conversion issues?

 CLI 2.5 days
        1d/Port to perl?

        .5d/Search tool
        .5d/Update tool

 Web UI 6 days + unknown

        1d/Branding and logo
        1d/Clean up the navigation
        1d/Clean up the search UI
        1d/Clean up ticket display
        ??/Make it prettier
        1d/Add at least a couple new forms and reports
                What I did this week
                Daily report
         1d/Integrate heads up       

 Web Services 2.5 days + unknown for XML web serivces
        RFC822 web services (all part of new CLI)
                .5d/Ticket create
                .5d/Ticket attribute modify
                1d/Search / Return search as mbox
        XML Web Services
                RSS Feeds for ticket
                XML ticket download
                XML ticket creation
                XML ticketu update
                XML search results

 API 3.5 days
        What API simplifications can we make
        3d/Clean up Tickets.pm
        .5d/Do we get "Ticket->Update()

 Testing 4.5 days
        1d/Search testing
        0.5d/Better test coverage for ticket updates
        0.5d/UTF8 test coverage
        0.5d/MIME test coverage

        WebUI testing
                .5d/Basic ticket manip operations
                .5d/At least one end-to-end test

 Addons 2d
        1d/Integrate CVS handler
        1d/Integrate enhanced mail gateway

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