[rt-devel] contributions helper

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 12:28:02 EST 2002

Hi Jesse and all, 

I think it would be nice to integrate a small utility 
into RT distribution which would help to install and 
(probably) maintain the contribution add-ons.

First thing that this utility would do is variable substitution:
so that the main RT installation and the installed add-ons would 
reference the same version of Perl, the same RT lib, etc, and bin 
paths, and (possibly) the same database access mechanisms. 

The second nice-to-have task is much more complicated: 
a kind of package management. The most complexity would be in 
the sources version control, because most of the add-ins 
need to modify some files in the installation. 
Perhaps it requires a kind of integrity control with 
checksums, in order to ensure that the patches are applied correctly.

With regards, 

P.S. I wish you nice Holidays, by the way :)

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