[rt-devel] SourceForge for RT add-ons?

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 29 09:09:04 EST 2002

--- Florian Weimer <Weimer at CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE> wrote:
> Sourceforge has migrated from free to proprietary software for
> implementing the service.  That's a bad advertisement for the free
> software commutiy.

I don't see any bad in that. They did this more than a year ago, and 
still they are the central point for freeware. 
They needed a more profitable business model, and they built it.
Still with losses (see their fiscal year 2003 results), 
but the situation is much better than a year ago. 
I believe it would be better for everyone when SF is driven 
by a stable and solid company, not about to crash tomorrow. 

Well, there are many alternatives to SF: Savannah is one of them, 
http://cbbrowne.com/info/lsfmandate.html gives a few more. 

At last, we can leave everything as it is. I just thought a public SF-alike
collaborative place for RT-addons would give only benefits to RT. 


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