[rt-devel] SourceForge for RT add-ons?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Dec 31 16:47:24 EST 2002

> The problem with that, which is one of the reasons a different server
> was suggested (I believe), is that it isn't "self service", from the
> point of view of the developer of each contrib -- everything blocks on
> Jesse (or whomever has write access to the appropriate directory on
> fsck.com) getting the time to put it up there.  With a CVS repository,
> developers can commit on their own schedule; only a Release Technician
> can make a release, so there can still be some control by an admin over
> what gets officially "blessed" as part of the contribs.

What we're currently working on:

	* Publically readable contrib cvs hosted by Best Practical.
	* A set of volunteers who have commit access
	* A publically visible queue for 2.0 contributions, one ticket
   	  per addon
	* A publically visible queue for 3.0 contributions

	Over time, we'll work on UI for the rt queues to make them nice
	and pretty. It _may_ be the case that we discover over time that
	we don't really need the CVS in addition to the queues, but it
	makes sense to me to try it for now.

	It's my intent that any third party developer should be able to
	submit "Contrib" items.  I believe that, "Blessing" some and not 
	others defeats the purpose. I haven't yet "rejected" anything
	from the contrib directories, it's more that I've been lame
	about copying the files out of mail and into place.

	I can't set all this up today, as 100 people are arriving at my
	house in just over 3 hours, but the mechanics should be in place
	in the next few days.


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