[rt-devel] OnCorrespond and Current email address

Marc Britten yugami at monochromatic.net
Wed Dec 11 14:23:17 EST 2002

Is it possible to get the email address from the person sending a 
correspondance in?

I'm afraid I haven't used perl in a few years and was never very good at 
it to begin with so I'm having some issues following your object model.

I'm creating a custom action, I've already created one and I'm working 
on a second, everythings going well except I need to be able to check 
the incomming email address, $self->TicketObj->CurrentUser is RT_System, 
somehow you figure it out since an incomming email shows up in the Dates 
area of the ticket as Updated: <time of email> User->Name

basicly I need to figure out if the person replying is in a certain 
group, I've gotten ahold of the group and I'm able to while through it 
no problem, but comparing it to the user generating the email is being a 
bit difficult.

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