[rt-devel] Changes for bigint tickets

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Wed Feb 6 11:37:22 EST 2002

>>>>> "RL" == Rich Lafferty <rich+rt at lafferty.ca> writes:

RL> $ perl -e '$u = 4294967294; foreach (1..5) { print $u++, ", "}; print "\n"'
RL> 4294967294, 4294967295, 4294967296, 4294967297, 4294967298,

Sure, you're using floating point numbers.  

RL> I'm not sure. It's a Perl problem inasmuch as the program that's
RL> exhibiting buggy behavior is written in Perl, but I suspect (but don't
RL> yet know) that I'll find the culprit in DBD::mysql, which is XS.

In XS, you've got C integers, depending on how the XS module was
written.  I'd focus there.

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