[rt-devel] Search and Sort by custom columns

Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at isg.de
Thu Feb 7 09:44:10 EST 2002

> You will also need to add these to the _ClassAccessible method in
> RT::Ticket before SearchBuilder will use these fields.  You may also need
> to restart apache to get around perl module caching.

I already did that:

      Contract => { 'read' => 1, 'write' => 1},
      ContractName => { 'read' => 1, 'write' => 1},

Here's a more detailed info about the issue:

- When clicking "Refine Search", the address line shows up with the
correct ContractOp and ValueOfContract items. However, it doesn't show
up in the "Search Criteria" Box. 

Any ideas?

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