[rt-devel] hacking on rt.

Matt Knopp mhat at netlag.com
Fri Feb 8 13:29:16 EST 2002

I get the impression from their website that they don't even have a 
working win32 client.  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but under 
the NT section they describe the normal Win32 case as being: 

  "Most sites using Aegis and Windows NT together do so by running Aegis 
   on the Unix systems, but building and testing on the NT systems. The 
   work areas and repository are accessed via Samba or NFS." 

Not that it probably matters for 97% of RT/DBIx hackers.  Its just 
something I noticed and was somewhat surprised about. 

Also, and this is just my own commentary.  Does RT really need a new 
version control system?  It seems like there is still a lot of things 
that could be added to RT, and futzing with the version control system 
is not (traditionally) a trivial task.  I dono, maybe a new vc system 
will help spurn rt development to new heights. . . 

Also, I'm inclined to believe that subversion will be the-right-thing 
when it becomes available, so I'm not sure I see the value in changing 
to something that may or may not be good enough and then possibly having 
to switch yet again in the future when subversion becomes ready. 

Then again, that green grass over the fence looks a whole lot greener 
then the grass on this side. 


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