[rt-devel] showing people logged into RT (WebUI)

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Fri Feb 15 11:18:31 EST 2002

On Friday 15 February 2002 05:43, Bruce Campbell wrote:

> There is a future thing in UpdateWho which will give the ability to force
> a log out of WebUI users, but something which does that has not been
> implemented.
> Use at your own risk, as always ;)


Thank you for the code!

I am trying your patches against my 2.0.11.  The first problem I had was the 
patch-Header was applied in the middle of <%ARGS> </%ARGS>, which caused 
mason errors.  I moved it to within the <%INIT> </%INIT> block, where it 
doesn't cause mason errors any more.  Was that the correct place to put it?  
It does show up in the header, but doesn't seem to ever show me as active.

I stopped and started the apache and apache-ssl servers, but still not active.

I am using the REMOTE_USER variable via apache authentication, and I thought 
that might be the problem.  I turned that off, logged out and logged back in, 
and it still didn't work.

I always get a 0 for number of active users, and the list box is always empty.  
It should have 1 for me, and my name, right?


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