[rt-devel] Using MessageId field in Attachments table

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Feb 19 15:26:38 EST 2002

This was exactly the use I'd imagined for the MessageId field, though 
the actual implementation never happened.  The thing to be careful of is
that users often just reply to a message and clear the subject line and body 
when attemting to create a new ticket and may inadvertently get their 
new ticket attached to an existing ticket.  

On Mon, Feb 18, 2002 at 07:04:10PM -0600, Eric Berggren wrote:
> This was hinted at by Bruce Campbell, and something that I've enjoyed
> with in-house ticket systems, whereby the system can track e-mail articles
> by Message-Id, upon failing locating a suitable Subject: or pseudo-header
> RT- tag.  It's another way to stem having to roll tickets together and
> such whenever the Subject: line gets munged or a new one created.  Some
> mailers (Outlook) apparently don't do In-Reply-To: or preserve other headers,
> and the same users who compose new e-mails rather than reply will still leave
> one with the same issues, but this was something I was willing to look into
> in my spare time.
> As been pointed out, and observed myself, the MessageId field in the
> Attachments table is available but currently unused. Am I correct in
> assuming this is to eventually hold the id of incoming/outgoing
> attachments/articles ?
> For starters, I would add the following code segments into Attachment.pm :
>         my $MessageId = $Attachment->head->get('message-id',0);
>         defined($MessageId) or $MessageId = '';
>         chomp($MessageId);
>         $id = $self->SUPER::Create(TransactionId => $args{'TransactionId'},
>                                    .....
>                                    MessageId => $MessageId,
>                                    Headers => $Attachment->head->as_string,
>                                    Subject => $Subject,
>                                    .....
>                                   );
> Then update  ParseTicketId()  called by rt-mailgate to include the
> In-Reply-To:  field to search on in the event the Subject: header isn't
> revealing. Any linking or combining functions would still work,
> however, there doesn't appear to be any linkage from the attachments
> back to the ticket. What associates these together ? A subsequent search
> through that table looking for the particular attachment is needed to
> get the TicketId.
> Seems pretty straight-forward. Is there a catch buried in any of this ?
> Was someone else working on this or been discussed previously ?
> thanks,
> -eric
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