[rt-devel] Move Action::Notify::SetRecipients to Action::SendEmail?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Feb 27 23:45:06 EST 2002

> Just my $0.02. . CVS sucks, but so do most config revision systems,
> and most standards for that matter..  I understand why you'd want to
> improve RT with aegis, but i'd guess that you'd loose sync with
> your developers who also need to catch up behind your research..  Personally,
> it would make it much harder for me to keep my systems up-to-date,
> though i do appreciate your desire to improve the system..

Indeed. That's why I've set up the tracking-cvs repository. As I get the 
release-engineering stuff ironed out, that sound become a reasonable option
for just about anybody.

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