[rt-devel] Authentication against NIS or local files?

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Fri Jan 18 14:54:18 EST 2002

>>>>> "PL" == Paul Lussier <pll at mclinux.com> writes:

PL> In a message dated: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:17:10 EST
PL> Vivek Khera said:

>> Don't reinvent the wheel until you read the docs and comments in the
>> config.pm file.

PL> Can you point to *where* in config.pm or the docs?  I've looked 
PL> through the docs on the rt website, but saw no mention to 

The section of config.pm that starts with:

# If $LookupSenderInExternalDatabase is defined, RT will attempt to
# verify the incoming message sender with a known source, using the 
# LookupExternalUserInfo routine below

$LookupSenderInExternalDatabase = undef;

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