[rt-devel] RT 2.0.14-pre1

Florian Weimer Weimer at CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
Mon Jul 1 11:33:00 EDT 2002

Florian Weimer <Weimer at CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE> writes:

>> Would that be more accurately, when the subject line is longer than the
>> SQL field, RT borks ?
> I think the limit is 255 characters, and we don't hit this one.

Actually, the limit is 100 characters, for transactions.data.  Older
PostgreSQL versions silently truncated overlong values for VARCHAR
columns, but newer ones (since 7.2 or so) don't.

Looks like I have to restructure the whole database. :-/

Jesse, maybe it's a good idea to use TEXT fields instead of VARCHAR
fields when creating new PostgreSQL databases?  According to the
documentation, there is no performance difference.

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