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David Merrill david at lupercalia.net
Tue Jul 30 10:14:22 EDT 2002

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I'm working for a company that uses RT and am upgrading them to 2.0 next 
week. They are also looking for an asset tracker, but it would be much 
nicer for them if this functionality could be included right in RT.

They'd like to be able to track issues for each piece of equipment. I 
could use the Keyword capability to link an asset tracker into RT, but 
they'd really like to have a single solution rather than two separate 
systems linked together, with custom glue, and besides I haven't found a 
Free asset tracker that I'm happy with. So I'm writing to see whether you 
would consider accepting code for this if I were to write it. I didn't 
find any relevant discussion in recent list archives.

So, have you ever considered an asset tracking module for RT? Would you 
accept one if I were to code it and submit it? Any guidelines on what you 
would/would not consider a proper implementation?


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