[rt-devel] asset tracking

Bob Apthorpe arclight at jump.net
Tue Jul 30 12:52:18 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 30 July 2002 09:14, David Merrill wrote:

> I'm working for a company that uses RT and am upgrading them to 2.0 next
> week. They are also looking for an asset tracker, but it would be much
> nicer for them if this functionality could be included right in RT.

Funny you should mention this. I may soon be taking a job where they use 
NAI's Magic Help Desk and are looking to start using the asset tracking part 
(part of where my job comes in.)

I was thinking along the same lines because I see an add-on asset tracking 
module would make RT more competitive with Magic.

And IMHO anything we can do to displace NT is a Good Thing...

Step 1: Investigate the competition, looking for critical flaws, brittleness, 
and annoying vendor agenda
Step 2: Estimate the work to deliver an 80% solution under some flavor of unix
Step 3: Code, test, document, sleep, repeat...

-- Bob 
(worrying how 5 years of Solaris and Linux administration in the commercial 
sector is going to get him in trouble when dealing with the joys of NT in a 
university setting. Ah well, whatever pays the mortgage in this economy...)

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