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David Merrill david at lupercalia.net
Tue Jul 30 13:30:07 EDT 2002

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On Tuesday 30 July 2002 01:00, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> I'd definitely love to see what folks come up with. I've actually got
> most of the design for an asset tracker that would tie into RT on
> paper. It's something that Best Practical is actively looking for a
> client to underwrite the initial development of, but if there was a
> _good_ asset tracking system out there, I could definitely see my way
> into integrating with it.

I agree with you, but so far I haven't found a _good_ asset tracking 
system, not by my definition of _good_. Certainly there is nothing in the 
same league as RT.

I don't expect that my client will fund a "complete" system, only what 
they personally need. But of course anything I write will be flexible 
enough to suit other situations. I'm not going to implement features that 
they don't need, but I will implement the features they do need in a 
flexible and extensible way.

First thing I'll do is discuss the feature set with them in more detail, 
and put together a database schema for it. Once I get those together, 
I'll run them past you for your approval or criticism. Other interested 
parties are welcome to post your own ideas/requirements. If it won't take 
a lot of time (for which I would have to bill my client), I'll include 
them in what I do. If they would take too much time to justify my doing 
it on the client's time, but not a whole lot of time, I'll do it on my 
own. And if it would just be too far out of my scope, I'll make sure it 
can be added on later. Of course if you want to help out, in order to get 
your own desired features included, that would be fine with me.

I pulled the latest code from HEAD, so I'll go ahead and look at how I 
should proceed from there. The code all looks very clean and well 
documented. Very easy to get into even for somebody completely new to it.


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