[rt-devel] Confusing user interface in commandline rt

stoffel at lucent.com stoffel at lucent.com
Mon Jun 3 16:23:34 EDT 2002

Rich> But --id *selects* by id, and --queue *CHANGES* the ticket's
Rich> queue!  I propose that --queue should be synonymous with
Rich> --limit-queue, and destructive options should be explicitly so,
Rich> like "--set-queue".

Rich> The command which was messy was this:

Rich>   /opt/rt2/bin/rt --queue=Hostmaster --summary

Rich> which happily went through and changed all of my tickets into
Rich> the Hostmaster queue until I noticed something was amiss and hit
Rich> ^C. :(

I'd vote that we change this now, since I'm one of the few who use the
command line tool all the time, this would be sure to screw me up.

I'd also like to propose that destructive commands like this prompt
"Are you sure? [y|N] " by default.

This could be turned off by the flag -f to force the command without
any prompting.


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