[rt-devel] modifying Tickets.pm/Listing.html and config.pm for new fields....

Colleen colleen at darksideproductions.net
Tue Jun 25 19:50:35 EDT 2002

A while back I made the modification to the config.pm so that the
requestor's real name would show up on the Listing page.

I did this by adding the line to the list of WebOptions:
       { Header => 'Requestor',
         TicketAttribute => 'Requestors->First->OwnerObj->RealName'

This works quite well.

Unfortunately, though, my coworkers have requested that this column have
sorting functionality on the Listing page.

I noticed there was a SortFields array that every sort column must
belong to.  I added Requestor to that.  Unfortunately, though, the
SortFields array requires the complete Ticket Attribute.  So now my
SortFields array (specified in Tickets.pm) looks like:

@SORTFIELDS = qw(id Status Owner Created Due Starts Started
                 Queue Subject Client_id Told Started
                    Requestors->First->Owner Resolved LastUpdated
Priority TimeWorked TimeLeft);

It's a little odd, but it works in so much as "Requestor" now shows up
underlined and linkable on the Listing.html page, but unfortunately it
doesn't work correctly.  When I have a list of Tickets displayed and I
want to sort by Requestor, I click on the link and all the Tickets
disappear. I click on another sortable option and the tickets come back
correctly sorted for that column.  I notice that each time a sortable
column is clicked, the url changes to reflect this by putting in a "
&TicketsSortBy=<Subject>&" in the long URL.  When I click on Requestor,
I get a 
"&TicketsSortBy=Requestors->First->Owner&" in the url.  Could this be
messing up the functionality of the sort?  If not, any ideas what could

Thanks in advance for any help!


Colleen Noonan
Software Engineer

Eros Guide
Oakland, CA 94607
510 208 2100 x161

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