[rt-devel] PATCHES: Timer, Privacy Filter, Short Tag

Florian Bischof flo at fxb.de
Sun Mar 17 23:23:42 EST 2002


got some small patches (2.0.11) for you.

Timer Patch
  Javascript timing device to measure time worked on ticket updates:
  - Timer starts "invisible" on ticket display
  - Displays minute counter on update page (with blinking dot)
  - Timer stops if you click into the minute-field
  - It's still possible to change the time worked manually - the timer
    continues to count if you leave the field
Privacy Patch
  Shortens requestor names/email-addresses for more privacy:
  "Florian Bischof <flo at fxb.de>" becomes "Florian *** <flo@***>"
  if you are not the owner of the ticket and the privacy-option is
  enabled for the ticket queue (and you are not superuser who is still
  able to see everything).
  This patch needs a new database field. Just do
    ALTER TABLE Queues ADD Privacy smallint(6) DEFAULT 0;
  or something similar.
  Use this expression in your templates to use the privacy-filter
  in your notifications/autoreplys, too:
Short Tag Patch
  Stupid patch to use short ticket tags like "Subject (#NUMBER)".

Have fun,


Florian Bischof <flo at fxb.de>
Slurm: It's so delicious, you'll eat it until you explode!
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