[rt-devel] ScripCondition/Action question

wozz+rt at wookie.net wozz+rt at wookie.net
Tue Mar 19 15:34:09 EST 2002


  I'm working on some ScripActions to sync the status on dependent tickets
(ie, if I resolve the depended on ticket, all dependets also resolve, same
with open, stall, etc).  I wanted to use the OnStatus condition, rather
than making a condition for each status, so my question is, how do I get
the value of the status (which is the argument in the condition) in the
action?  My understanding is that $self->Argument in an action is the
argument to the action, not the argument to the condition.  Is there any
way to get the argument to the condition from the action, if so, how?  The
documentation didn't seem clear on this.

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