[rt-devel] [rt-announce] ANNOUNCE: StockAnswers 0.2 for RT2

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Mar 21 13:28:43 EST 2002

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 10:21:41AM -0800, Robert Spier wrote:
> Announcing StockAnswers 0.2
> StockAnswers for RT is a very simple way to allow your users to insert
> "Stock Answers" (or templates, or canned responses, or prewritten
> verbiage) into their correspondence.  This might be useful for a
> helpdesk type RequestTracker setup where you have common questions and
> answers, and don't feel like typing them, or cutting and pasting.
> It requires JavaScript to function.
> The stock answers are by default just text files, but it's easy to
> extend this so the answers can come from anywhere.
> You can download it at...
> http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/RT-StockAnswers-0.2.tar.gz.README
> http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/RT-StockAnswers-0.2.tar.gz
> Changes from 0.1 include a few bug fixes and a select box/pulldown
> instead of the popup page to select tickets.  (thanks to Byron
> Ellacott)

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