[rt-devel] Has it been done before?

Benjamin Boksa b.boksa at sidebysite.de
Thu Mar 28 17:46:49 EST 2002


As this is my first posting to the "devel" list I hope I will do everything

After a lot of testing, we just started to use RT today to manage some of
our tasks. During some brainstorming with my boss two ideas came up:

1. "Report-By-Requestor":

At the end of each Week/Month/Year one should get a list of Requestors which
have been marked before. For each of these Requestors my boss wants to see
some simple statistics: How many tickets have been created by the Requestor
and how much time was spend on the tickets of the Requestor, that have been
resolved in the specified period.

2. "Admin-Hours":

There will be some customers which pay for a specified amount of time of
some of our employees. We want to implement a system which keeps track of
the time worked on the tickets of a customer so that our employess will not
exceed the time the customer payed for (unless he buys more "Admin-Hours").

I wonder wether anything like that has already been implemented, or wether I
will ask my boss, if it would be ok for me to try to do it myself.

Any answers and suggestions are very welcome.


Benjamin Boksa 


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