[rt-devel] showing the requestor's real name on the listing page

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Fri May 3 04:57:00 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Colleen wrote:

> I'd like to show the requestor's real name on the Search/Listing.html
> page of search results.  I've tried a variety of things:
> I've tried:
>    { Header => 'Requestor',
>          TicketAttribute => 'TicketObj->Requestor'
>        },

Try 'TicketObj->Requestors->First->OwnerObj->RealName' in the
TicketAttribute.  Milage may vary.

( Objects that you're walking down in this case are:
  ->First() is a DBIx::SearchBuilder thing to return the first
  record found )

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