[rt-devel] RT speed

Mat mwatson at netspace.net.au
Wed May 8 17:03:39 EDT 2002

Yeah, i've attempted to move to postgres, but found some
very odd things happening. I'm about to try some things on 
a test machine i've got, firstly trying innodb tables with
the current version of rt. should be interesting.
I will also test postgres again (last time I did it , it was at 
5am.. so perhaps I was just imagining things). 

How do you find postgres goes with rt2, the main issue i found
was that it was wrapping every query in a transaction, which
I assume would so things down somewhat. Also I found when
loading the page for a new ticket, rt was generating several
hundred queries..! not sure why.


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> m> are from large queries being run, which in turn makes updates
> m> running after them lock the tables, which makes queries being run
> m> after that stall waiting for the unlock.. and no index seems to
> A prime reason to move to Postgres.  The concurrency is *much* better
> since it does row-level locking, and a select query doesn't block an
> insert query and vice versa (except when you explicitly lock the
> table).
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