[rt-devel] Win32 RT Installer

Autrijus Tang autrijus at autrijus.org
Wed May 15 00:43:39 EDT 2002

Hi all. I've finished wrangling with RT's Win32 installation process
and produced these two files:

Repository: http://autrijus.org/rt-2.1.8-win32.tgz
Installer:  http://autrijus.org/rt-2.1.8-win32.exe

The Installer is ready for instant consumption on Windows NT / 2k /
XP without any dependencies; just run it and choose any directory
to put RT into. Please follow the README.txt that pops out after
the installation process, and you should have a functional (albeit
broken -- ACL stuff is not quite there) RT.

To generate the Installer from Repository, you need to install:

- Windows NT / 2k / XP
- ActivePerl (at c:\perl or d:\perl)
- MySQL 4.0.1-Max (at c:\mysql)
- NullSoft MakeNSIS (at c:\program files\nsis)

Extract the Repository tarball to c:\rt22\. Open Explorer, goto
c:\rt22\local\build\. Right-click 'rt.nsi'. Choose 'Compile NSI'.
After a while you should have a c:\rt-2.1.8.exe ready for use;
I just renamed it to -win32.exe to avoid confusion.

To upgrade to a later release, just overwrite c:\rt22\* (or any
directory you installed RT into) with files from the release tarball:

    Dist		Disk
    lib/	=>	lib/
    html/	=>	WebRT/html/
    bin/	=>	bin/
    etc/	=>	etc/
    sbin/	=>	sbin/

And generate a fresh Installer.


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