[rt-devel] RE: [rt-users] CONTRIB: Add Search links to Search Listings

Colleen colleen at darksideproductions.net
Fri May 17 19:10:51 EDT 2002

Hi Jim + rt-users everywhere,

I just added these changes into RT, but unfortunately I had to remove
them as some really quirky things resulted.

First a general question:
The ability to sort tickets based on Owner's/Requestor's name works fine
and great.   My only question with that is whether you allow the "Owner"
heading on the table of Search results to do the alpha sort by name? To
be more specific, when you go to the search page and look at some
results, you see the headers "Id", "Subject", "Priority", "Owner",
"Status", "Queue", and 
"Action City", and "Age".  Most of these are highlighted as links that
result in sorted results.  Age ranks on age, priority on priority, etc.
"Owner" and "Requestor", unfortunately, don't allow this.  Is there a

Ok, as for the quirky action, this is what happened.  I put in the new
TicketCell, made the changes to config.pm.  Then when I logged in and
looked at the first page with "top 10 tickets I requested", "top 10
tickets I own", and the listing of queues.  In my queue listing, I have
one named "TEST" which is where all the beginner RT users at my company
practice making tickets/modifying/etc.  When I click to see what tickets
are in this queue, it should take me to a duplicate of the Search page
with the queue selected as "TEST" and the status as "new" or "open".
But it doesn't.  Instead, I get a page that says "This page cannot be

The url for this looks like:

Also, when I search for a few things, for example, everything in the
"production" queue that is "new" or "open" and then decide to delete one
of the search terms, I get a "This page cannot be displayed".

The url for this looks like:

Any ideas on what's causing this?  Any help would be appreciated.


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> Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 1:40 PM
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> Subject: [rt-users] CONTRIB: Add Search links to Search Listings
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> Howdy!
> May I again say that RT is one finely-architected piece of software?
> While looking at another question asked on rt-devel, I stumbled over a
> to-do in config.pm that wanted the ability to click the Owner's name
> a search listing and be transported to a search listing showing
> owned by that owner. That sounded really useful and, an hour or so
> later, here we are. =]
> Attached is a copy of the revised TicketCell which now understands how
> to perform simple searches based on what felt like a reasonable
> imitation of the TicketLink syntax. Here's an example from my current
> config.pm %WebOptions:
>        { Header => 'Requestor(s)',
>          TicketAttribute => 'Requestors->First->OwnerObj->RealName',
>          SearchLink => 1,
>          SearchType => 'Requestor',
>          SearchAttribute =>
>          SearchOperator => 'LIKE',
>          ExtraLinks =>
>          },
>        # TODO: It would be nice with a link here to the Owner and all
>        # other request owned by this Owner.
>        { Header => 'Owner',
>          TicketAttribute => 'OwnerObj->RealName',
>          SearchLink => 1,
>          SearchType => 'Owner',
>          SearchAttribute => 'OwnerObj->Name',
>          SearchOperator => '%3D',
>          ExtraLinks =>
>        },
> BTW, note that TicketAttribute has been changed in both entries above
> show real name (not email or username). That's where this all started.
> =]
> TO INSTALL THIS: Copy it to
> /path/to/rt/local/WebRT/html/Search/TicketCell. It should just work
> there. Remember that when you change your config.pm, you must restart
> your webserver or the changes won't take effect.
> Cheers!
> --j
> --
> Jim Meyer, Geek At Large
purp at wildbrain.com

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