[rt-devel] custom field in Create.html

Samuel Dries-Daffner sdaffner at taos.com
Tue May 21 13:51:47 EDT 2002

The solution was in Display.html, by adding into the following hash:

my %create_args = ( 
                       InitialPriority=> $ARGS{InitialPriority},
                       FinalPriority=> $ARGS{FinalPriority},
                       TimeLeft => $ARGS{TimeLeft},
                       TimeWorked => $ARGS{TimeWorked},
                       Requestor=> \@Requestors,
                       Cc => \@Cc,
                       AdminCc => \@AdminCc,
                       Due => $due->ISO,
                       Starts => $starts->ISO,
                       MIMEObj => $MIMEObj        

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Subject: [rt-devel] custom field in Create.html

I am trying to add some custom fields into the RT system so that I can
associate tickets with actual machines. So far I have:

1. modified the DB and added the coulumn in the Tickets table.

2. edited the Create.html so that there is an input field. 

3. modified Ticket.pm and give a default value to be written to my new DB

The results are thus: 

When I submit a ticket, the default value from Ticket.pm is written to the
DB (good) but no data is getting from the input form to the DB (not good).

How are CGI posted data processed? I looked in lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm but
haven't found the relevant pieces...any ideas on how I can get it to input
my customized form data?



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