[rt-devel] default queue-- last time.

Colleen colleen at darksideproductions.net
Tue May 21 14:38:30 EDT 2002

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> "Colleen" <colleen at darksideproductions.net> writes:
> > We are using RT at my company to facilitate workflow.  For example,
> > Requests go from Dept 1 (creates the ticket)-> Dept 2 (does the
work) ->
> > Dept 3 (which resolves).
> >
> > Since Creating Tickets usually sends them to Dept 2 first, I'd like
> > make this action one step easier for the users.
> I don't see how a default queue would make things easier for the
> users in this context.

It makes it easier because Dept 2 is already selected as default.  Thus
they don't mistakenly send the request to the wrong queue and "lose" the

> Default for what?  You've asked 'How do you set a queue to default'
twice > since the evening of the 17th (thats like, one full business day
for you, > and a wee bit short for the free help that is rt-devel and
rt-users), and > you haven't expanded what your question is.

Sorry, I didn't expand further.  A simple "hey, what do you mean?" would
have sufficed.  I thought the question didn't need any explanation, but
that's probably because my version of RT is limited to WebUI use only.


> Heck, I might as well ask whether Vroom & Doom is better than Ikea for

> purchasing furniture, or should I just hit the Albert Cuyp markets;
> question doesn't make sense in the limited context supplied.

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