[rt-devel] RT Phone interface ..

Michael mike at Megaglobal.net
Fri May 17 15:12:00 EDT 2002


As i'm working on setting up an Asterisk PBX[1] for our office,
I got to considering the possibility of setting up a touch-tone
driven interface to RT with Asterisk , some pre-recorded mp3s
and a smidge of IBM's Viavoice TTS engine. 

Jesse, has this ever been proposed?
Cuz, i'm thinking about implementing it.



[1] http://www.asteriskpbx.com, http://www.gnophone.com

ps:  I'm working on a release-quality version of my RT/SOAP interfaces,
     if noone has beaten me to such a beast.

pps: What is the status of CVS->Aegis integration?  
     Can we use CVS for (read-only) access to the RT 2.1+ tree(s)?
     I'm sorta lost as to what is going on there :)


Michael Jastremski  				openphoto.net
Senior Network Admin				aim:xunixx
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