[rt-devel] RT 2.1.12-Win32 beta distribution

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Fri May 24 16:17:38 EDT 2002

I still don't think the mail handling is clear on NT.


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If the database stuff should be moved to Microsoft Access there should
be noted it should support no more then 5 or perhaps 10 users. Access
blows itself away pretty fast (even in the latest XP version) I've
expirienced database weirdeness. Using a scaled down SQL server is far
better solution.
Access tends to act weird when using it for a network solution database
where more then just 2 users hit on it. That's from my expirience.

Just my 2 cents.
Aleš Mustar
Aleš Mustar s.p.

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Being I do the windows / iis world for a living the past 7+ years
there's a few things that aren't going to be accepted real well by the
windows community on this port.

I applaud the effort as I know just how much work it is to build a win32
solution / porting *nix -> win32. It's a LOT more work than most people

However if I was looking at this from a windows user point of view..

The package needs to use IIS to be accepted IMHO, and the database
should be moved to Microsoft Access (the db is free, the UI isn't. It's
good for smaller stuff and could probably handle rt just fine).
Alternatively MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server, full blown, limited to a few
simultaneous queries before it starts slowing down so you don't use it
for real tasks) could be used. MSDE is also free (and is full featured
Microsoft SQL Server, with license restrictions). You'd need a licensed
SQL Server (at least development tools) to design the db, etc. but
running it can be done free embedded in your app.  Of course check the
licensing yourself as I'm not about to speak for Microsoft licensing

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