[rt-devel] Getting a cookie over to mason_handler.fcgi

Matt Disney matthew.disney at fedex.com
Sat May 25 18:03:30 EDT 2002

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can I get a cookie passed
over to mason_handler.fcgi? In trying to move from mod_perl to fastcgi,
the only remaining roadblock is to figure out how to get some cookies
set. With mod_perl, I was doing this in the INIT block:

my $query = new CGI('');
$c_cookie = $query->cookie(-name="Whatever",
			-value => "$ARGS{'Name'},
			-expires => '+15y',
			-path => '/' );

But that doesn't work with fastcgi, apparently. So, after doing some
digging, I realized there is a facility in mason_handler.fcgi for
setting cookies. I just don't know how to get the information over


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