[rt-devel] Outage info patches for RT

Duane Waddle dwaddle at charter.net
Tue May 28 14:41:16 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I'm starting to look at patching outage tracking functionality onto RT 
2.0.13.  I thought I'd ask if anyone else had done any work on this before 
I get knee deep in source.

Basically, the idea I'm running from is to have a section in WebRT where 
one could select a 'system', an optional 'application' (both being fed from 
keywords), a start date+time, an end date+time, and a boolean flag for 
whether or not the outage was SLA impacting.

Given this data, you could do a SQL query for each reporting period to be 
able to compute outage information.

As I begin on this -- has anyone started any effort on something 
similar?  If not, any advice/ideas on what else this should include?

Thanks in advance


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