[rt-devel] RT 2.1.12-Win32 beta distribution

Autrijus Tang autrijus at autrijus.org
Thu May 23 22:49:11 EDT 2002

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 07:24:05PM -0400, Steve Radich wrote:
> The package needs to use IIS to be accepted IMHO, and the database should be
> moved to Microsoft Access (the db is free, the UI isn't. It's good for
> smaller stuff and could probably handle rt just fine).

There is a FastCGI port earlier, which suffers from tha rather bad
performance of isapi_fcgi.dll. But you can use the mason_handler.fcgi
alright; just delete the apache/ directory, and patch WinRT::HTTPD
to recognize IIS start/stop options.

> (Microsoft SQL Server, full blown, limited to a few simultaneous queries
> before it starts slowing down so you don't use it for real tasks) could be
> used. MSDE is also free (and is full featured Microsoft SQL Server, with
> license restrictions). You'd need a licensed SQL Server (at least
> development tools) to design the db, etc. but running it can be done free
> embedded in your app.  Of course check the licensing yourself as I'm not
> about to speak for Microsoft licensing terms..

I've also started porting toward DBD::Sybase and/or DBD::ODBC -- all
it needs is a SearchBuilder; we have done the schema part. This part
was suspended when our client realized that MySQL+Apache makes a far
better combination, and hence stopped sponsoring us to complete the
MSSQL porting. If anybody is ineterested, let me know.

> The SMTP should be handled by the socket level commands to send the mail.
> There's a lot of little issues to worry about when doing that -
> authentication required / not required, smtp server name, etc. A lot of
> scripts rely on the built in IIS SMTP server (CDONTS) but not everyone
> installs that - ESPECIALLY if you are going to use Apache then you don't
> want to require IIS to be installed for the SMTP service..

For now, Mail::Sender that explicitly connects to the user's mail server
sounds like a viable solution, although accepting mail remains a problem
that (fortunately) we were able to punt for now.

> Perl is freely available on windows too, along with plenty of free libraries
> to easily port rt to iis.

Note that I used the 5.8-tobe trunk instead of ActivePerl, which disallows
aggregation in its ActivePerl Community License. The build options should
be binary compatible, though -- this means PPM.pm can probably work.

> If they are going to have to run Apache on their windows server then why not
> just put up a linux box specifically for rt?  They have to learn to admin
> mysql, etc. The average windows admin simply won't accept anything but
> Microsoft databases, regardless of their ability to perform the job.

That is very true. Helps would be appreciated.

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