[rt-devel] Time

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Wed May 29 18:33:10 EDT 2002

(This should probably go to rt-users, not -devel. Re-aiming.)

Tyler Baker wrote:
>   This is going to seem like an asinine question.... But, here goes.  I
> am running RT 2 on FreeBSD 4.5 (stable).  I can't get the time to post
> correctly for the life of me!  I have tried setting just about
> everything in config.pm, $Timezone =  'US/Pacific';
>  Etc etc.  The problem, as I understand it, is FreeBSD doesn't recognize
> the conventional use of Time Zone naming conventions.  Or perhaps I
> don't understand the problem at all.  In any case, has anyone tackled
> this already?  Or perhaps have something else I can try?

Timezone is documented as:

# It should be set to a timezone recognized by your local unix box.

You need to pick a timezone from under /usr/share/zoneinfo.

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